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Welcome to the Allen & Overy Pension Scheme

We have recently upgraded the Member Portal which will provide you some enhanced features to help you monitor your pension benefits. In order to register for the new portal, please click the 'My Pension' link in the banner above.

This website has been specifically designed to provide members (and prospective members) of the Allen & Overy Pension Scheme with a wealth of information regarding both the Scheme in general, and their own personal benefit entitlements.

The Trustee is very keen to encourage members to access and regularly make use of the Scheme website, and has recently introduced some important new features alongside a full redesign of the site in order to make your 'visit' a more rewarding experience.

The site has been developed with the highest possible security settings, so you don't need to worry about access security. If you have previously registered on the site, you can use your existing password to access the site. If you haven't already registered, you need to contact the Scheme Administrator to obtain initial registration details, which will be supplied to you via email so that access is instant. Once you have registered, you will need to set a unique password so that you can access the site in future.

If you have forgotten your password, or you have any queries regarding the website, please contact the Scheme Administrator at

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Scheme information

Your guide to the Defined Contribution (DC) Section of the Allen & Overy Pension Scheme. More...

A guide to your investment choices

Covers your investment options for contributions to the Defined Contribution (DC) section and for Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs). More...


Pensions library

Read latest information regarding the Scheme and also review archives. More...


Frequently asked questions about the Scheme. More...

My pension

To access full details of your pension entitlement, and gain use of the full facilities on offer! More...






Standard Life Pooled Property Fund - Important information

As a result of the current COVID-19 crisis, Standard Life has announced that it is temporarily suspending trading in the Standard Life Pooled Property Fund.

SL Investec Diversified Growth Pension Fund - Change in name

With effect from Monday 27 April 2020 the SL Investec Diversified Growth Pension Fund changed its name to the SL Ninety One Diversified Growth Pension Fund. This change is purely a cosmetic alteration (with no underlying changes to the fund itself) resulting from the demerger of Investec Asset Management (the Fund manager) from the wider Investec Group.

Important News. Please click here to view Privacy Policy changes to General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR").

Whilst the site provides important general information such as the Scheme Information and Investment Guide sections, active and deferred members of the Defined Contribution section may register for secure access to the site, which provides a number of key features, including the ability to do the following;

  • check the current value of your retirement savings
  • make use of various annuity calculators and benefit modelling tools to help you plan more effectively for your retirement
  • see what the effects are on the value of an annuity when you increase your personal contributions
  • switch your personal investment funds within your own pension account
  • notify, view, and amend your recorded nominated beneficiary(ies)

These useful tools are provided in an easy-to-use format that will help you review your own personal pension retirement account and take a more proactive role in your retirement planning.