Allen & Overy Pension Scheme
Member communications
  Statement of Investment Principles
  The Statement of Investment Principles (SIP) is a written statement detailing the current investment strategy of the Scheme. The Scheme?s SIP is currently split into two sections: a defined benefit (DB) section and a defined contribution (DC) section. The SIP is a regulatory requirement and is updated following any change to the investment strategy.
DC Section [355kb]
  The DC section of the SIP details the current DC investment strategy (including the default), responsibilities of the Trustee, objectives and monitoring processes in place.
DB Section [274kb]
  The DB section of the SIP details the current DB investment objective and strategy, how the strategy has been implemented, consideration of risks and how Trustee decisions are made.
Chair's Statement [510kb]
  The annual Trustee Chair?s Statement, which covers governance and charges related to the Defined Contribution section of the Scheme over the most recent year.