Allen & Overy Pension Scheme
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What can the Scheme do for me?

Regardless of how far away retirement is, you need to start thinking about the standard of living you would like when you retire. The State Pension will give you a basic income, but it's important to consider if this will be enough for you to live comfortably.

The Scheme is a money purchase arrangement - this means that contributions made by you and Allen & Overy are paid into your own personal Retirement Account in the Scheme. The benefit provided under the Scheme will depend on the amount you have accumulated in your own Retirement Account (which depends on the contributions made by you and Allen & Overy and the investment returns on them).

There are many benefits to being a member of the Scheme, including:

  • A low-cost tax efficient way to save for your future;
  • The option to pay extra towards your pension;
  • Flexibility - you choose how to invest your Retirement Account;
  • The option to take a tax-free lump sum when you retire;
  • The option to retire early;
  • Employer contributions in addition to any contributions that you choose to pay.

As a member of the Allen & Overy Pension Scheme DC Section: