Allen & Overy Pension Scheme
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Security and the privacy of the scheme's information are of the utmost importance to the Trustee of the Allen & Overy Pension Scheme and Capita (the administrators of the scheme). All personal and account details are held in the secure area of our site, which requires a member to successfully log on before they may enter. The website incorporates the latest encryption technology, 128-bit encryption, which is a secure form of encryption (a way of making information secret). For this reason all browsers that access the Allen & Overy Pension Scheme website SHOULD support 128-bit encryption.

How are the pension scheme details kept secure?

All information is automatically encrypted when a member accesses the Allen & Overy Pension Scheme website. Therefore, if anyone intercepted the telephone line they would not be able to understand the information being transmitted between the user's computer and the Allen & Overy Pension Scheme website system. In addition, the Allen & Overy Pension Scheme website uses highly secure servers and computer equipment to store pension scheme information and prevent anyone from accessing these details illegally.

How secure are members' passwords?

Although the Allen & Overy Pension Scheme website provides members with their initial password, they are forced to change this the first time they log on. All new passwords must be a minimum number of characters in order for the system to accept them. Remember, all users have an integral role in the prevention of any wrongful use of your account. The password chosen by the member should be difficult for others to guess and kept confidential.

What if a member enters incorrect logon details?

Members of the scheme will be allowed up to three consecutive attempts to log into their Allen & Overy Pension Scheme account. If the member enters the wrong details three times in a row, online access to their account will automatically be deactivated. They will then need to contact the system administrator and, once their identity has been confirmed, will be issued with new logon details.

What if a user forgets their password?

Once the member's identity is confirmed the system administrator will issue new logon details to them.

How does a user log out of Allen & Overy Pension?

Each page on the site informs the member whether they are currently logged in. Once the user has logged in, each page will provide the option to log out. Alternatively, a user can log out of the Allen & Overy Pension Scheme website by closing the browser. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT MEMBERS CLOSE THEIR BROWSERS AFTER USING Allen & Overy Pension. The user WILL NOT be logged out of Allen & Overy Pension if they jump to another site.

What happens if a user forgets to log out of the Allen & Overy Pension Scheme website?

The Allen & Overy Pension Scheme website has been set to automatically log out users if they do not enter any details for more than ten minutes. This is so that, if they do forget to log out or simply move to another site, it will occur automatically. After this has happened, the user will need to log back into the Allen & Overy Pension Scheme website to view their pension details.