Allen & Overy Pension Scheme
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the Trustee monitor the funds?
The Trustee, on advice from the Scheme's Investment Advisers, selects and monitors the performance of the funds and has the right to change them.
Do I pay any charges?
A management fee, known as the Total Fund Charge, is deducted from each fund. The Total Fund Charge is comprised of two parts: an Annual Management Charge (AMC) and Additional Expenses.

The AMC applies annually and covers the running costs of the Fund. This is shown in the individual tables on the Fund Details page.

The Additional Expenses can vary on a quarterly basis and can reflect additional costs such as legal, audit and accounting fees.

The Total Fund Charge applies per year to the total value of your investments.

Information on the Total Fund Charge, and the breakdown of the AMC and Additional Expenses, can be found in the Fund Factsheets in the 'Daily Fund Prices' section of the Standard Life website .

The overall charge is built into the price of the units which means that you will not see specific management fee deductions from your account. All other costs and fees are met by Allen & Overy.
How do I know how my funds are performing?
You will receive an annual statement showing the performance of your chosen funds and a projection of your pension. You can find details of fund performance on the Standard Life website which can be accessed through:

Please remember that you should not regard past performance as a guide to future performance.
Why should I review my investment choices on a regular basis?
You should regularly review how your account is invested to make sure the investments you have chosen are right for your individual circumstances.
Where can I find some advice?
For advice relating to your investment options you should speak to an independent financial adviser.

Find one in your local area by visiting:
What if I want to retire early?
For further information on early retirement and the options available to you, contact HR Advice at or telephone 0289 060 7700.
Are these the only funds available to me?
Yes, the funds included in this investment guide have been carefully selected by the Trustee to give the best range of choices suitable for the majority of members. From time to time the Trustee may choose to introduce a new fund to the available options or replace an existing fund with another.
What happens if I don't do anything?
If you choose to do nothing with your investment choices, you will be invested in the default Lifecycle investment choice. Currently, the default Lifecycle option assumes that your Planned Retirement Age will be 65 and you will switch from funds with higher associated risks to funds with lower associated risks 10 years before this date. If you do want more active control of how your fund is invested within the available options, you should consider the Self-Select investment option.
What is my Normal Retirement Date?
The date when you reach your Normal Retirement Age of 65. The minimum retirement age is 55 - see ' Choosing your retirement date' for more information.