Allen & Overy Pension Scheme
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Summary of the Scheme

Allen & Overy makes Core Contributions to the Scheme, which vary according to your age


You do not have to contribute, but you can contribute Ordinary Contributions to a maximum level according to your age


If you choose to pay Ordinary Contributions, Allen & Overy will then pay Matching Contributions to the same level. You may also pay Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) at a level of your choosing - Allen & Overy does not match any AVCs


You leave

You die in service

You retire


You can leave your Retirement Account invested in the Scheme until you claim your retirement benefit.


Transfer the cash value of your Retirement Account either to your new employer's plan or into a registered personal pension of your own choosing.


A lump sum related to your Salary will be payable.*


The cash value of any contributions that you paid will be payable as an additional lump sum.


A Spouse's pension may also be payable.

* Subject to the terms of your contract of employment.


The cash value of your Retirement Account will be used to provide you with benefits that are based on the options you have selected.

Part of your Retirement Account may be taken as a tax-free cash sum.

If you leave the Scheme with less than 30 days' Pensionable Service, any contributions you have made will be returned via payroll and you will have no holding in the Scheme.